Evaluation and Research

It’s simple, unless a product can demonstrate compliance with building codes, no building official allow it to be installed.

Demonstrating compliance is not so simple.  In Canada, to meet the National Building Code of Canada, EIFS must comply with the Canadian Construction Materials Centre Technical Guide for EIFS or ULC S716.1-11 Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)–Materials and Systems.  In addition, EIFS are considered combustible materials so must meet specific fire test standards.  John R. S. Edgar Consulting Inc. knows the process to code compliance and will assist manufacturers navigate the labyrinth to approval.


  • Chair of the ULC S716 standards Task Group that produced the three new EIFS standards now found in the Ontario Building Code and soon to be introduced into the National Building Code of Canada 2015.
  • Negotiated and commissioned research and testing for EIFS evaluation reports in Canada.
  • Worked with National Research Council Canada and CCMC to develop a Technical Guide for evaluation of liquid applied water resistive barriers.
  • Chaired industry research consortium developing drainage requirements for EIFS.
  • Designed an ‘inside-out’ building to test environmental durability of EIFS claddings and demonstrate performance of joints and pressure-equalized rain screen EIFS.  Patent awarded, jointly with Paul Wesley, for the first pressure-equalized EIFS design.

Have John assist you in obtaining compliance reports.

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