EIFS Revealed

Wrapped Termination

The insulation at EIFS terminations requires the base coat and reinforcing mesh to be ‘wrapped’ around the insulation.  This protects combustible insulation in the event of fire and provides a surface for sealant joints. [click to sealant joint blog]  Before wrapping, the foam must be shaped to accommodate flashings and membranes to ensure a clear path for drainage.  A gap of 1 or 2 mm is adequate for water to flow.  Pre-wrapped starter pieces are also available commercially but … beware!  – they must use the manufacturer’s base coat and mesh and must comply with the system’s fire evaluation report.  Not all are equal so only use pieces recommended by the EIFS manufacturer.  The advantage of commercially manufactured pieces is the quality control available in the process and the time saving in the installation.

The pre-wrapped mesh must be overlapped with the regular mesh by at least 65 mm.  Additional strips of mash may be used to connect the prewrapped starter pieces where they are butted together.  In all cases with EIFS installation, the reinforcing mesh must be overlapped to insure continuit