Architectural Review

Murphy thrives in the construction industry.  Anything that can go wrong will and where there are a number of possible things that can go wrong, the one that does will cause the most damage.

Anyone with construction experience knows that problems occur at the interface of different materials or assemblies.  Window leaks do not occur in the middle of the glass.  EIFS do not leak in the field of the wall.

When designing details the architect must consider the purpose of the detail, how the detail will function, the materials involved and their compatibility, the number of trades involved to create the detail, the sequence of installation to complete the detail resulting in a durable, functioning installation.  Then, with all that information, the detail must be illustrated in a manner that an individual with appropriate construction talents will be able to understand, bid and construct the detail in the manner intended.

And unicorns dance on clouds.

Architects have no budget for details, contractors are bidding too many projects to evaluate detail complexity, materials defy compatibility, scheduling is complicated¹ and installers are human beings, not Aye-ayes2.

John Edgar is know for isometric, sequential detailing that takes into account the fact that details occur in three dimensions and should be drawn step by step to account for the interface of different trades. He is an expert in going through architectural drawings and specifications to exorcize the devil.


1 All the best intentions cannot compete with the ‘who knew?’ realities of life. For example, shipping of construction materials takes second place to the movement of agricultural products. If watermelons in Florida are ripe then trucks to ship your critical element are suddenly unavailable.
2 Aye-ayes are lemurs from Madagascar. They hunt at night so can see well into dark places. They are known for their strange, long fingers that can dig into small spaces to find grubs. They would be magnificent for installing membranes and connections into tiny gaps and crevices created by a CAD operator working at 1000% enlargement, with ‘000’ line width.   Unfortunately, Aye-Ayes are not trainable and do not qualify for foreign worker permits.

Do your details comply? We will conduct a plan review and advise on compliance and alternative approaches.

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